How to: Summer Concert Style

Summer concerts are one of the most glorious parts of the summer.

Whether you’re traveling to the desert for a weekend filled with music or hitting a concert, dressing for these outdoor shows can be as fun as the event itself.

The tail-end of the season may be upon us, but we’ve got just the looks to help you close out summer concert season looking fire. 🔥

Founders Only Jacket

Screenshot 2018-07-25 13.08.06.png
Click here to shop our Founders Only Jacket.

 Outdoor shows mean you’ve got to be ready for anything the elements throw your way. Packing a jacket can often mean throwing off that look you’ve spent weeks putting together, but it doesn’t have to.

Our Founders Jacket is the perfect statement piece to make sure you stand out in the crowd.

Pair it with your favorite white on white styles for a look that will keep you looking fresh while protecting you from the elements.

OG Bae Dress

Screenshot 2018-07-25 13.21.58
Click here to shop our OG Bae Dress. (Photo courtesy of @ellenvlora.)

Concert season has become one of fashion’s runways when it comes to showcasing our favorite IT girl style, which is why the OG Bae dress is a must have.

Flirty, bold, the right amount of sexy. There’s a reason the dancing girl emoji is wearing a red dress 😘

These looks are only available until Friday at 12 PM EST so head over to to shop these styles before they’re gone.

xx Team Choosy




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