How to: Dress for a heat wave.

Safe to say that summer is in full swing.

Temperatures are at a record high this week & it makes the idea of putting on anything other than a bikini sound cringeworthy.

If hanging poolside is not an option, there’s no need to panic! Our Style Scouts are sharing a few ideas on how to beat the heat while still looking fire in some of our Choosy looks.



Dresses are one of the easiest ways to stay cool while still looking like you put effort into assembling your outfit. Not to mention when it’s over 90 degrees: the more ventilation you can get, the better. Check out this dreamy Choosy dress in white!

Flowy Shirts

Screenshot 2018-07-02 16.37.21

Fabrics that move with you are key when it comes to feeling comfortable in uncomfortably hot weather. A top that breathes with you is going to save your life & keep you looking styling when the temperature climbs above 80.

Ditch the all black


If you’re anything like 90 percent of New Yorkers, black pieces make up a big part of your wardrobe. Hot days are the perfect opportunity to throw in some variety! One of our favorite tricks for staying cool in a heatwave is to wear colors that absorb less heat. Ditch the all black for a lighter color & incorporate those summer whites! You’ll thank us later.


xx Team Choosy




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