Welcome to the Choosy Blog!

Home to exclusive content, styles & a behind the scenes look into all things Choosy. If you’re reading this, consider yourself one of our OG squad members. 💅🏾 We’ve been keeping a low profile while working around the clock on our official launch on July 24th (!!!!!) .

Allow us to reintroduce ourselves.

We’ve found that fashion today feels inaccessible to the everyday bae with the everyday bank account. Not to mention, fashion’s limited sizing does not represent or celebrate the diversity that makes us all #bodygoals. 🔥

Cue: Choosy.


We are creating a brand that delivers the most coveted looks straight from your Instagram feed to you & your squad at a quicker pace than ever before. We are reinventing the way you shop & reducing its impact on the environment by only creating looks per order & styles you’ll love. How do we know you’ll love them?

You choose what we make (mic drop 🎤).

That’s right, we put you in the driver’s seat (with the help of our innovative technology + experienced team of Style Scouts).

Ready for your dream wardrobe?

Just use the hashtag #GetChoosy on your favorite Instagram looks & let us create the looks that you actually want to wear.

Our favorite boss babes are diverse & badass. It’s time the brands that represent them were too.

We are putting the power of style in your hands. ✨

So get excited.

Get inspired.



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